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My interest in Health and Wellbeing has followed me throughout my various careers. From a personal perspective, it's probably because I've always been a keen amateur athlete playing Rugby 7's and Football. Couple that with my love of eating and cooking and I knew a role in nutrition was perfect for me. For years I worked with Primary School children of all ages, teaching them Physical Education and providing them with hands-on nutrition lessons. Now, since becoming an MNU Certified Nutritionist I've decided to branch out and offer you the chance to learn about your own nutrition whilst working with me.


For those of you who might not be familiar with MNU, it is a world-renowned course offering some of the highest standards of education for nutritionists. As an evidence-based nutritionist, my practice is soundly based on what the scientific evidence suggests. Many may make bold claims about their packaged diets but if they aren't able to provide the evidence to back it up then they are offering you a system and not an education.  As a course, it was pretty comprehensive covering a wide range of areas including weight loss, muscle building, sports nutrition and a range of health-related topics (including type II diabetes pregnancy, elderly care).

Just like my classroom practice, I understand that each individual is starting this journey from different points and some may need more support than others and everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Understanding this means I am able to deliver a client-based approach to your goals. We use your preferences and strengths to your advantage and work on areas where you need more support. Some nutrition coaches will only offer the way that worked for them. Whilst this might bring you some short term success, the true aim is to ensure your nutrition goals are able to be met long after you've finished working with me.