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Client Testimonials

Want to see what working with me looks like? Don't just take my word for it, have a read on what my clients have said and then get in touch for a chat about how we can get you results.


When I started working with Huw I was already in the midst of my weight loss and fitness journey. I had been doing well alone but got stuck in a bit of a rut. My weight wasn’t budging and while I was trying to exercise my plan was not effective and was becoming more of a chore than enjoyable. I just didn’t know where I was going wrong. 


Huw took all my information, and did a full review of my current situation, taking every factor into consideration. He asked me what my goals were and structured plans around that and my food allergies. 

He was always on call to help me with any questions or issues and even called me out on some things I’d been doing that were negatively affecting my progress. Namely, what I thought was a tablespoon, was not a tablespoon. Huw encouraged me to start weighing food in grams as it’s more accurate which kickstarted my progress again. 


Overall I have lost 229lbs, have an improved relationship with food, gained immeasurable amounts of confidence, exercise daily incorporating cardio and weight training along with joining a bunch of different sports teams. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Huw’s expert help and guidance.


I was ecstatic at the results Huw helped me achieve over such a short period of time. The best part was that I wasn’t on some silly unrealistic diet that I couldn’t sustain.


Huw helped me find a balance to my eating and exercise which was flexible. Huw was in touch regularly and was always contactable if I needed something. He also made every effort to fit contact into my schedule.


His calm and understanding demeanour meant I wasn’t made to feel guilty if I did ever slip up and he made me realise that you can bounce back from them without going down a dark path. I would recommend Huw’s services to anyone with any nutritional needs.


His knowledge of food and nutrition is second to none. I was constantly impressed at his ability to answer the variety of questions that I had for him. 



When I first met Huw I was 16 stone. I was active but couldn't seem to shift weight or get in the shape that I wanted.

So he sat me down and the first thing we looked at was little changes and what my target goals were. From that, we extrapolated where changes to my diet would affect me the most.

It was great having the support on hand with Huw. It wasn't calorie counting or massive changes to my lifestyle. It was clearly advice no jargon. We focused on habits that would have the biggest impact. 


Everything was monitored weekly and all about how we got to the end goal. Slowly working Huw my goals became a reality and I haven't looked back.


Working with Huw was the best decision I have made from his knowledge, approach and personality. I cannot recommend Huw enough.